Monday, December 28, 2009

Wordle - Key Words from all 2009 Open School Network Posts

To Reflect on our work in 2009, I created a wordle from all 2009 Open School Network posts. I simply pasted the text from all 2009 posts into wordle.  The more frequently a word occurs, the larger the word appears in the image. I think that this wordle image speaks to our focus on improving student writing in the Avon Maitland DSB.  It is also interesting that the word "students" ended up at the centre, since students are at the centre of all that we do in education.

Click on the image for a closer look and try playing with wordle yourself.  Many teachers are using it in the classroom to help students edit for overused words or to create poetry.  How could you use wordle?

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  1. Excellent idea, Kim. My gr. 7/8 class worked with the Gr. 2/3 class to create a Remembrance Day presentation using wordle, describing "Peace in Ten Words", after listening to the song of the same name by Joe Satriani. You can view the end result which was played at our assembly.

  2. This is great,Heather. I love seeing how teachers are using Web 2.0 tools like Wordle, since I don't have a classroom anymore. There are so many creative ideas beginning to emerge. Thanks for sharing. Did you share this on Twitter?


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