Sunday, December 7, 2008

Math Anchor Charts Address the "Big Questions" in Grade 9 Math

Grade 9 Applied Math representatives from Avon Maitland’s nine secondary schools met to discuss the EQAO questions from 2007-08. Even though our board is at the top of the province with 52% of our students at or above the provincial standards (level 3), we know there is more to be done.

Half of the day was spent focusing on five open response questions that covered the big topics of the course. In groups of two, we developed possible answers and discussed the coding of these questions with regards to the EQAO rubric. Then, with a different partner, each pair worked on a different question, looking for a different way of approaching the question – perhaps using manipulatives or technology. Finally, with another partner and question, teachers developed an anchor chart that broke down the steps to solve these “big questions”.

The following pictures show the product of their work – the two solutions and the anchor chart for each question. As a group, we discussed the power of producing these charts with the class, and posting them as students work through the entire course, since these questions should come up a number of times throughout.